Raw Honey and Honeycomb Bulk Flavours Pack

Raw Honey and Honeycomb Bulk Flavours Pack

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Try our unique Australian flavours

2 x 900g Spring Bouquet Honey

2 x  450g Macadamia Squeezie Honey

2 x 450g Hinterland Bush Honey

1 x 250g Honeycomb


Our honey is as pure as you can get it. Hand harvested, manually prepared and cold extracted. Minimal filtering gives you a product that has all the taste that nature intended. All pure honeys encounter some candying. This happens usually as the weather gets cooler or honey is stored in the fridge. It is a good sign that your honey has not been watered down or heat damaged. To remelt any candy honey, simply place the container in a warm water bath or leave near a sunny window for a couple of days. It will never compare to mass produced supermarket honey products.

**Depending on supply and demand, some honey varieties may be out of stock and will be substituted by other varieties available.