Coastal Honey

Coastal Honey

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Our honey is as pure as you can get it. Hand harvested, manually prepared and cold extracted. Minimal filtering gives you a product that has all the taste and goodness that nature intended.

All pure honey encounters some candying, and our Coastal Honey will sometimes crystallise within weeks of being harvested due to the fructose in the coastal flora of Northern NSW. It can also happen as the weather gets cooler or honey is stored in the fridge. It is a good sign that your honey has not been blended or heat damaged if crystals appear.

If you prefer your honey runny, simply place the container in a hot water bath or leave on a sunny window for a couple of days.

Our honey will never compare in taste to mass produced supermarket branded honey as we don't blend batches. We keep each batch harvested separate so you can taste the different flora the bees have been collecting nectar from.

This seasons honey is darker than image.

Contents: 900g Honey

**Due to Biosecurity laws, we cannot ship our raw cold extracted honey to Tasmania or Western Australia.