Why More People are Eating Creamed Honey

Waking up slowly to the sound of birds chirping and the sun shining is everyone's dream.

But it's not easy to enjoy that morning calm when you're battling with your alarm clock. Instead of reaching for the snooze button, try a little creamed honey to make your morning (and your day!) a little sweeter.

Keep reading to discover why so many people love creamed honey and how it can improve your daily routine. 

What is creamed honey?

Creamed honey for sale

Creamed honey is raw honey that is crystallised and churned into a creamy thick consistency, like jam. 

When honey is allowed to rest after churning, it removes any extra air bubbles. This results in a smooth product that is light in texture yet full-bodied in taste.

While every unprocessed honey mixture can be prone to forming crystals, creamed honey is a thick and smooth honey with all of its natural goodness preserved. 

Nutritional benefits: Creamed honey is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy honey because of its wide range of nutritional benefits and luscious, velvety texture. 

Hand harvested, slow churned, manually prepared, and cold extracted creamed honey all maintain their original nutritional value. 

Texture: Creamed honey is richer than other forms of honey because the crystallisation process thickens the texture of this natural sweetener. Its thick nature allows creamed honey to rest on your tongue, giving your taste buds a chance to pick up on the nuances of the flavour. 

Have you tasted delicious ginger-infused creamed honey yet?


The benefits of eating raw creamed honey

Bees in a honey hive

Boosts your immune system

Unlike whipped honey, raw creamed honey is slowly manipulated from crystallisation into its final form through churning and a long period of rest.

This natural process ensures that all the vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and antibiotic compounds are still available to you in your creamed honey.

If our mention of the health benefits of creamed honey has piqued your interest, learn more about the many health benefits of raw honey.

Soothes your sore throat

Not only is creamed honey a delicious addition to hot drinks such as tea or hot chocolate, but it can be used to soothe a sore throat during cold and flu season.

Honey's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can reduce discomfort and aid in the recovery as nature's own cough drop.

Fights against allergies

Raw honey contains traces of the pollen from the flowers that bees gather their nectar. While this is unlikely to cause a pollen allergy to flare, according to Healthline, it may actually increase your resistance over time, improving seasonal allergies.

Raw creamed honey made by your local beekeepers in a slow, respectful process will retain the full flavour and nutrition profile of raw honey. With the creaminess and smooth texture, the entire family will not be able to get enough of this sweet treat.

Less mess and less waste

Creamed honey can cause less mess than regular liquid honey, resulting in less wastage with no sticky drips landing on your counter.

This can be a perfect solution for kids and those concerned with ants infiltrating their kitchen. 

Ultra-creamy texture without any added dairy

Despite the name, creamed honey has no milk, cream, or dairy added to create its texture. Instead, the creamy consistency is a naturally occurring phenomenon that was discovered in the freezing temperatures of Europe and Canada.

The extreme cold changed the honey's consistency from thick and chunky crystals to a thick and creamy substance. This gave honey sellers the opportunity to provide an enjoyable and smooth product to their customers year-round. 


Simple creamed honey menu ideas

Salmon with creamed honey marinade 

If you're wondering how to use creamed honey in your every day life, it's actually more simple than you might think! Substitute a little creamed honey in your next marinade recipe or impress your party guests with this creamy sweetener on your next cheese board. 

Here are a few other recipe ideas to get you started with creamed raw honey: 

Morning meals with creamed honey

Pancakes topped with creamed honey

  • Spread on toast, crumpets, or muffins
  • Drizzled onto yoghurt or oatmeal
  • Used in pancakes instead of sugar
  • Spread on French toast
  • Dolloped on top of a breakfast bowl
  • As a perfect sweet side to a cooked breakfast

    Midday meals with creamed honey

    Lavish cheese board with creamed honey

    • Creamed honey and peanut butter sandwiches
    • Pair with sweet and salty ingredients on a cheese board
    • Enjoy warm bread, parmesan, cured meats and fruit with a dollop of creamed honey
    • Use as a dip for apple slices 
    • Drizzle some on popcorn or pretzels

      Evening meals with creamed honey

      Pork chop with creamed honey glaze

      • Use creamed honey as a glaze for pork chops or salmon
      • Include it in your marinade sauces
      • Top sweet potato or baked squash with it
      • Dollop on fruit cake or a loaf cake
      • Spread it over cookies or crackers
      • Stir into your hot tea or cocoa


      - Or simply eat it from the jar! -


      Add creamed honey to your daily routine

      Raw honey dripping from a spoon

      What was once a dying art, creamed honey is becoming a popular addition to home-baked sourdough and Sunday roasts once more. 

      Our creamed honey recipe has minimal filtering, so every ounce of goodness is kept intact. We slow churn and rest our creamed honey which results in a smooth, spreadable, and full-bodied honey. Watch how quickly it becomes a favourite household treat! 

      At Australian Bee Products, we hand-harvest, manually prepare, and cold extract honey so it's as pure as it gets. Shop our creamed honey range to experience this age-old, guilt-free treat in your home.