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Pure Raw Honeycomb

Nature produces nothing more delectable than raw honeycomb straight from the hive. Sticky, sweet, and rich with a decent amount of chew, once you've consumed this all-natural treat, you'll never look at store-bought honeycomb the same way again.

Honeycomb is the internal structure of the honeybee hive that bees create from beeswax during the honey making process. Comprised of many hexagonal cells, honeycomb is full of rich, raw honey that has traces of flower pollen, packed full of vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals.

Beekeepers use the honeycomb to get the purest harvested honey from the hive. Lucky for our customers, we believe in respecting the hard work of our honeybees, which means we make the most of our harvest, from raw honey to the honeycomb.

The nectar from the bees will inform the colour and flavour of the honeycomb, offering darker or lighter colours with slight nuances in every bite. Additionally, the traces of nectar and pollen in the comb can be a natural hay fever remedy.

The age of the honeycomb comes into play as well, with the beekeeper waiting patiently as the bees work hard to build it. This can result in the honeycomb being comprised of several different flower pollens from the bee's daily travels.

Experience the Benefits of Natural Honey

If you've never experienced eating raw honeycomb before, you can expect a light and chewy texture with a burst of honey as you bite into it.

Think of the most delicious, ooey-gooey candy you've ever had, and now imagine that it came guilt-free. In fact, raw honeycomb is full of good stuff, just as raw honey is.

Ever since humans discovered that pure honeycomb was edible, they've been using it to fight infections and bacteria, improve heart health and enjoy a natural sugar hit.

Using honeycomb on your cheese platters and through your deserts can be a great alternative to lower the chemicals and processed sugar in your diet, eating as people have been for thousands of years. While raw honey contains the same sweetness as sugar, it doesn't have the effect of causing sugar highs and lows or raising insulin levels.

Ways to Enjoy Fresh Raw Honeycomb

Honeycomb can add a unique, delicious, and nutritious touch to any charcuterie board or meal and can be enjoyed in many ways. Often considered nature's first lolly, even a small piece of honeycomb can provide a perfect end to a meal and health boost to the body.

Derived from pure raw honey, you can rest assured that once you buy honeycomb from Australian Bee Products, you will be serving your guests a treat that is packed with health benefits to improve wellbeing along with sweetness to delight the senses.

There is a variety of ways that honeycomb can be served:

  • Add it to a cheese platter along with seasonal fruit, sharp cheese, nuts, and seeds
  • Spread on thick buttered toast
  • Mixed through smoothies for an effective health boost
  • Straight from the hive as its own natural sugar treat
  • Topped on yoghurt or ice cream
  • Melt on crumpets
  • Spread through pancake, scone, or waffle batter for delicious, sweet chunks
  • Folded into ricotta
  • However you fancy!

Suited for heating or eating raw, the potential uses, flavour combinations and health benefits of raw honeycomb will continue to surprise and delight you.

Eat Honeycomb Straight from the Source

We stock pure, fresh, raw honeycomb that has been lovingly and carefully created by our happy bees on-site across the country.

As passionate custodians of the bees, we follow their lead, capitalising on the best honey flow areas across Australia. Allowing our bees to forage in some of the most healthy and sustainable environments results in raw honey, honeycomb and beeswax that has been created by relaxed, happy, hardworking bees.

We keep our harvesting process as pure as possible, cold filtering to prevent any pasteurisation, and we can deliver straight from the hive to your door.

We are delighted to give you the opportunity to buy honeycomb from our happy bees, along with beeswax and of course, raw honey, to prevent waste and utilise every bit of what the bees produce.

So, what are you waiting for? With fast delivery across most of Australia, you could be spreading raw honeycomb on your toast before you know it.

Browse our range above to discover your new favourite sweet treat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is honeycomb safe to eat raw?

    Yes! In fact, the entire honeycomb is edible, including the honey and the wax cells encasing it. The wax can be chewed like sweet, honey-scented gum.

  • How do you eat a raw honeycomb?

    There are several ways to enjoy honeycomb, from simply scooping out the goodness with a spoon, to spreading it on your toast or folding it through ricotta. Basically, any way that you would use raw honey, you can use honeycomb for its bursts of sweetness and added chewy texture.

  • How do you harvest your honey?

    Our harvesting process has been refined over time, with love and respect for the bees at the forefront of everything we do. We use a raw and unfiltered cold process to provide honey in its purest form with all the goodness intact.

  • Do you offer wholesale prices?

    Yes, we love supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes and offer a wholesale range to bring honey goodness to your customers.