About Us

Hello and welcome to Australian Bee Products, an ethical and sustainable apiary located in Queensland, Australia.

So often, we hear that bees are on the decline and without bees, fewer food crops will be pollinated, leading to food shortages and reduced choices of available food. That’s not great news! When we were given the opportunity to learn more about bees and saw them first-hand in their hives, we developed a deep respect for these girls and fell in love. An apiary was born.

Healthy bees thrive with love and dedicated care, and finding healthy and sustainable environments to forage is paramount. Our apiary is rather nomad-like. We follow the seasonal flora, capitalising on the best-unpolluted honey flow areas, including Gold Coast, Northern NSW and the Scenic Rim - Granite Belt areas.

We believe in keeping things real - like raw, unfiltered, cold-extracted honey straight from our hives to you. Our honey and honeycomb products are as pure as nature intended and still contain essential antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, flavonoids, and amino acids. These nutritions are well known for boosting immunity and aiding metabolism, digestion, overall general health and well-being.

We do our best to minimise wastage in our honey production processes by repurposing our excess beeswax into our quality handmade range of soaps, balms and candles.

Thanks again for stopping by and supporting our small business.

Tony + Kate