Creamed Honey
Creamed Honey
Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey

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Old fashioned creamed honey and as pure and natural as you can get.

All hand harvested, manually prepared and cold extracted. Minimal filtering gives you a product that has all the taste and goodness that nature intended.

Creaming honey is a dying art but we are determined to bring this amazing product back into every pantry. 

All pure honey encounters some candying but creamed honey is encouraged to candy with weeks of churning prior to bottling, then lots of rest. The end result is a creamy smooth spreadable honey that is a little lighter than standard honey with the full bodied taste of honey that you will love.

Available also in Ginger flavour.

Contents 450g 

**Due to Biosecurity laws, we cannot ship our raw cold extracted honey range to Tasmania or Western Australia.