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What is special about beeswax candles?

Beeswax is naturally scented, removing the need for added scents and chemicals in your candle. Additionally, they can purify the air and give a glow like natural light.

Experience the Benefits of Pure Beeswax Candles

There's nothing quite like the ambience, comfort, and relaxation that a candle can provide. However, many candles are packed with fragrances, chemicals and additives that aren't great for the environment in which we live and breathe.

Our Beeswax candles are made with 100% Australian beeswax to let off a beautiful and light honey aroma, eliminating odours without any nasty additives and paraffin, soy, or palm wax.

Beeswax candles give off a warm, natural light within a similar spectrum to the sun, giving your home a soft glow.

There is some evidence to suggest that burning pure beeswax candles can purify the air, emitting negative ions to aid in keeping your home free from dust, dander, germs and even mould spores.

The oils produced during the candle's lifecycle may create a 'beeswax bloom', indicating the purity of the beeswax and giving a unique look. As the only naturally occurring wax suitable for burning, beeswax is known to hold its aroma for decades, bringing you light, pure air and comfort directly from the bees.

Shop Our Hand-Crafted Pure Beeswax Candles Today

We stock some of the purest beeswax, raw honeypure honeycomb, and candles in Australia.

You can rest easy knowing that what you're burning in your home is free from nasties and that it is handcrafted by us, inspired by some of the happiest bees in the most vibrant honey regions across Australia.

We are privileged to harvest pure beeswax to create each candle with care and organic ingredients. By harvesting our honey and pure beeswax by hand, ensuring a raw, unfiltered cold extraction process, we guarantee that the honey used in each candle and product we create is of the highest, purest quality.

Our honey and products contain all the essential antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins that nature intended to boost immunity and improve overall well-being. Our commitment to minimising the wastage of this liquid gold is what inspired our candle, soap, and balm products, using the excess beeswax to its ultimate potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do beeswax candles clean the air?

    Yes, they can. Beeswax is a natural ioniser that can purify your home of dust, pollen, odour, toxins, mildew, and mould.

  • Do beeswax candles give off a scent?

    Yes, they give off a light honey scent and a subtle warm glow.

  • What's better beeswax or soy candles?

    Soy candles tend to give off a bright white light, whereas beeswax gives off a gentle, natural glow within the same light spectrum as the sun. Additionally, beeswax candles are free from any added fragrances or chemicals, which some soy candles are not. We may be biased – but we think beeswax wins every time!

  • Are your candles made from pure beeswax from Australia?

    Yes, they are! They are free from nasties without the need for added fragrances or preservatives