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Buy bulk raw Australian honey of the highest quality

Are you looking for bulk honey for your restaurant, cafe, or brewing business? Or, perhaps you're brewing a batch of delicious homemade honey mead and need bulk honey for your recipe. With raw Australian honey - your problems are solved. 

Enjoy 5kg or 10kg of bulk honey shipped directly to your door

Whether you need 5kg of bulk honey or 10kg of honey to complete your recipe, enjoy fast shipping throughout Australia. 

Raw Honey is consumed for its antioxidants, nutrients, enzymes, proteins and vitamins, raw honey can soothe a sore throat and improve your gut health all while you enjoy your morning toast.

Not sure where to store your new shipment? Check out our article on bulk honey storage techniques.

Don't forget to stock up on our bulk honeycomb!

Our bulk raw honeycomb is sustainably collected from our local Australian bees. Bees use honeycomb as a storage system for raw honey. Beeswax is used to seal up sticky goodness into small pockets within the hive. Bees also make beeswax to create propolis, 

Our beekeepers carefully extract and store it for your purchase.We uphold traditional beekeeping techniques to ensure the bees are unharmed throughout the process.

Why our boutique bulk honey is better than store bought honey

Raw refers to that which is unprocessed. The honey found in retail stores is often heated to over 70 degrees resulting in pasteurisation. This makes the honey look better and pour easier from its package but can wreak havoc on the taste and overall quality.

Additionally, there is a risk that your store-bought honey is mixed with an overseas product, and it has likely been produced by underpaid beekeepers with overworked bees.

When you're purchasing your products from a local run business such as Australian Bee Products, you can rest assured that you're supporting ethical processes with healthy and happy bees and getting a product that is high quality, as pure as nature intended.

Other incredible uses for your bulk honey

More than just food, raw honey can be applied to wounds, used to treat hay fever and keep you healthy during the cooler months.

Purchasing natural honey means you will have a complete product, packed straight from the hives of some of Australia's healthiest bees.

Bulk honey that's natural, raw, and produced in small batches

As beekeepers, we have a deep respect and admiration for each and every bee that works together in the hive to create the quality natural honey that we know and love.

Our business was born from a passion for supporting happy hardworking bees in our very own apiary. We follow the seasonal flora, travelling to the parts of Australia that are producing the best honey at specific times of the year.

We don't overproduce, keeping our quantity small so we can fill your orders with only the best honey straight from the hive. We use everything from our harvest including beeswax to reduce wastage and truly honour the hard work of the bees.

Sweetness as nature intended

Every drop that is packaged from our beehives is cold extracted to maintain quality and purity so it can arrive at your home as pure as possible, ready to boost your metabolism, aid your digestion and improve your immunity.

More about our Australian honey bees 

Our select bees work hard to create your bulk honey from the stunning landscape of Australian wild flowers. Local bees collect pollen and nectar to bring back to their hive and to their queen bee. The bee colony uses nectar to make honey as pure, delicious, and nutritious as can be. 

The bulk honey produced by our hard-working bees comes from nectar which is diverse in flavours, colours, and smells. 

Bees are an essential part of our ecosystem and the products they produce have been keeping people healthy from the Egyptian era to Australia's consumers today. Bees are incredible insects, from pupae, larvae, to queen. The entire bee colony works hard to feed royal jelly to their pupae and queen while also ensuring there is enough nutrition fed to the workers and drone. 

Buy your bulk raw honey today

It's easy to shop raw Australian honey thanks to our fast delivery to most of Australia. If you have a boutique business and you're interested in adding our honey to your range, we offer a wholesale selection to bring the best to your store.

Contact us to learn more about our wholesale honey options. 

Whether you're wanting to experience the best of local honey, or you're in a remote part of Australia, our straightforward delivery and fast shipping makes it easy to keep your home or business in good supply.

Shop our selection today to bring a unique difference to your cheese platters, add some of nature's most essential health benefits to your breakfast or simply indulge your sweet tooth.

  • Is raw honey more expensive?

    In short, yes. Raw Australian honey will generally be more expensive than processed honey as it involves a longer, more individualised process. With every drop harvested and stored with its nutrients, texture, and taste intact, natural honey provides nutritional benefits that processed honey off the supermarket shelf never will. When it comes to the quality of honey, you truly get what you pay for.

  • Which honey is pure in Australia?

    Pure honey in Australia is simply that which exists in the beehive or is extracted, settled, or strained without adding heat. Our commitment to cold extraction ensures every drop is pure.

  • Do you offer wholesale pricing?

    Yes, we have a wholesale selection to support your shop or business. Simply contact us to discuss our wholesale options here.

  • What processes do you use to harvest the honey?

    We treat our bees with respect and go to a great effort to ensure each worker is unharmed and protected during harvesting.
    During a typical harvest we will:

    • Gently shake each frame to encourage the bees to retreat into their hive before hand-brushing to ensure nobody is left attached to the frame.
    • We secure the frames in boxes and transport them back to our extraction location on the Gold Coast, Australia.
    • We place each frame on the uncapping line, remove the wax caps of honey cells without adding heat, and then place them into the extractor.
    • The extractor will spin the frame at very high speeds to release the honey from the cells without the need for heat. This honey is then pumped into storage drums for filtering, removing unwanted excrements such as wax before being left to settle.
    • Once the honey is settled it is ready to be packaged, sold, and shipped to your door.